The First Anti-tapping Technology Companies in Indonesia
Anti Tapping Radio 100% Made By Indonesian Exhibited In Bangkok

BANGKOK — One of the newest technology from PT. Indoguardika Cipta Kreasi (ICK) that are on display in the event Defense and Security Bangkok, 2-5 November 2015, is there a modular chip called Radio Guard or anti intercepted radio communications which can be used in handie talkie (HT)

Research and Production Director ICK, Sujoko, said anti tapping the newest technology used for radio devices or HT. "Antisadap The newest technology is used for radio communication devices or HT," Sujoko's said, as reported by, Monday (02/11/2015).

According to him , using the latest technology chip modular then the conversation is done by HT will not be hijacked by another party despite being on the same frequency.

'By activating secure features secure, Later on people want to overhearing communication the other parties they could only hear noise So he could not be listen to whole communication that occurs,' added Sujoko.

Although it is currently still in prototype design stage, however Sujoko hopes eventually modular chip that can be mass produced.

"When the preparation is ready and can be mass-produced, hence it is possible the process of production done in indonesia,” Sujoko's said.

'Chip modular was expected to be used for communications done law enforcement officials, in this case the police," added Sujoko.

As previously reported, the newest anti tapping technology used by Indoguardika is by dividing break down the data stream lane trail 2-4, so thieves data will be difficult known about the data.

'Through the anti tapping system encryption, even if the thief managed to obtain one piece of data that is desired, he could not open it.'

Agung also added through the latest technology which is developed, PT ICK wants to support Indonesia to be more self-sufficient. One of them in terms of IT security. Moreover according to him, similar service from abroad will also does not guarantee 100 % security.

On the other side, ICK success in developing the latest technology anti tapping encryption success to attract the attention of many parties, no exception the government. Through the Ministry of Defence, ICK included in the Defense and Security Exhibition Bangkok 2015 along with 11 other national defense industry.


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