The First Anti-tapping Technology Companies in Indonesia
Products Anti Tapping Of Indonesia Attract Worldwide Attention

JAKARTA, Anti tapping technology products from Indonesian company attracted worldwide attention at the exhibition "Defense & Security 2015" in Bangkok, Thailand.

'Products anti tapping work of one of the Indonesia attract attention visitors exhibition and commended,' Technology Director's  PT Indoguardika Cipta Kreasi (ICK) said, Dahniar Wisnu through a press statement received, wednesday night.

PT ICK received an invitation from the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia to the exhibition "Defense & Security 2015" in Bangkok, Thailand, on 2 up to 5 November 2015.

Anti tapping products work PT. ICK among others, SMS guard, chat guard, voice guard, email guard, and radio guard, in the form of application.

'The anti tapping technology products was interesting attention visitors being generally of the military ,' Dahniar's said.

According to him , military official and civilians out of the other countries to present did not imagine Indonesia has national company capable of producing products defense in the field of communications security technology that is anti-tapping.

Visitors who attends stand PT. ICK in pavilion indonesia, according to Dahniar, among other things a General of Cheko and Deputy Defence Minister Malaysia, Dato Wira Mohammad Johari son of Baharum.

'They did not think if Indonesia able to develop anti tapping technology own. They surprised , national company Indonesia could develop communication security industries,' he said.

Dahniar added, formerly in the exhibition information technology, Cebit 2015 in of Hannover - Germany, in march, anti tapping products of PT. ICK also attracted public attention .

Meanwhile, President Director of PT ICK, Agung S Bakti said, PT ICK will continue to develop anti tapping encryption technology for defense and security, because there are no national companies concentrate the self in encription technology.

While , he said , in the current cyber attacks digitally and tapping communication increasingly complex and numerous.

"We are concerned to produce and develop anti tapping tools for personal security, corporations, even countries, both for civil and military purposes," Agung's said.



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