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JAKARTA -- Tapping case is not new in indonesia. Not only public officials, Cases tapping also happens to businessmen and indonesian citizens. One of the most horrendous cases are Australia wiretapping against President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in 2014.
Besides in indonesia, wiretapping case also crowded into the conversation the world. As disclosed Wikileaks documents dozens of heads of state have become victims of wiretapping. In fact, recently the director of the CIA successfully hacked email by a high school student in the united states.
Learn from the case of the surveillance breaking into the defense of the country, the prevention and deterrence needs to be done. The only way is through encription technology. In Indonesia, already established anti tapping technology development company first named PT. Indoguardika Cipta Kreasi (ICK).

'Encryption technology is the only way to protect yourself from tapping. That technology is currently the most advanced anti tapping nowadays, said PT. ICK President Director Agung S Bakti At a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (30/10). Agung supreme accompanied Research and Production Director Sujoko and Technology Director Dahniar Paramita. Encryption technology, continued Agung will process the information and communication with a particular algorithm.

Basically, the Court said, all forms of communication are transmitted either via cable, internet , radio waves even the satellite can intercepted. But with encryption technology, data or communication that could not be read the tappers. 'The encrypted data will be protected in the millions or billions of random codes very difficult to resolve,' Agung's said.

To minimize and guard sensitive information from foreign leads and irreponsible person, then encription technology artificial is necessary. PT. ICK present to meet the needs of defense field of information security technologies. 

PT. ICK born starts with encryption researchs that were pioneered by since 2001, by a group of young man excitors cryptography. Then in 2013 was officially established PT ICK, first developer company in indonesia who specializes in anti tapping technology. The first products launched is SMS Guard, berupa layanan SMS antisadap.

'This product immediately attracted public attention. In 2014 ick included Ministry Of Defence in the international defense exhibition Defence Services Asia (DSA) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,' Agung's said.

Anti tapping technology products made by Indonesian young man countinues to grow. Up to 2015 in this year ICK has successfully spawned products other anti-tapping. Such as Voice Guard (anti tapping telephone), Chat Guard (anti tapping chat), VPN Guard (anti tapping Virtual Private Network), TiO Guard (telephone cabel anti tapping), Email Guard (email anti tapping), and Radio Guard (radio communication anti tapping).

Sujoko's said, special ability PT. ICK is to be able to make encryption modules to be applied in various communications equipment. Module encryption on radio guard for example, may be mounted on various brand radio communication already distributed in market.

'We deifying encryption module it as flour. Wheat flour it can be processed to variant sponge and various other food,' he's said.

Such products then marketed in global through the international exhibition of domestic and foreign. In March 2015 ick indoglobit named association and the ministry of industry participate in the largest IT exhibition in the world, CeBIT 2015, Hannover, Jerman. Followed by product roadshows to a number of European partners in Belanda, Belgia, and Finlandia facilitated by the Ministry of Industry and the Embassy / Consulate locals.

ICK re-designated the Ministry of Defence for exhibiting Indonesian anti tapping technology products this in Defense & Security Bangkok 2015. Along with 11 other national defense industry company, ICK will represent pavilion Indonesia in the exhibition defense the international. Other companies that participated, among others, PT Dirgantara Indonesia, PT Dahana, PT Pindad Persero and PT Daya Radar Utama.

We very much appreciate the Ministry of Defence which has facilitated in this international exhibition. This as evidence of government support to the development of anti-tapping encryption technology products in the country,' Agung's said.

Source: Republika


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