The First Anti-tapping Technology Companies in Indonesia

Our Consulting Services help customer to understand the security of information systems and all the risk that can be posed. We offer:
1. Strategic Planning
2. Security Analysis
3. Feasibility Study
4. Solution Design and Specifications

We also have the experienced technical team and consultants who are ready to establish a cooperative partnership with you. All tasks are performed independently and objectively to improve the security of your information technology systems.

Vulnerability Scanner and Analysis

We diagnose the weaknesses of IT security in the operational environment and the estimated effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

Information Protection Consulting

We provide information security strategy that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business or operations.

Penetration Test

Examine weaknesses in the security system by attacking the system it self in order to gain a better knowledge if any unauthorized acces.

Hacking Simulation

Durability testing computer systems from cyber attacks (cyber)

Mobile Apps Security Check

Mobile applications and services make sure you are safe.

Source Code Auditing

Comprehensive analysis of the programming source code to find bugs or security breaches.

Mobile Forensic

Recovery of digital data from digital devices or mobile.

Server Hardening

Improve server security techniques with the latest security.

Secure Network Development

Overall security policy in an effort to protect a wide range of network designs with effectively and efficiently.

PT. Indoguardika Copyright Creative (ICK) are IT companies and software developers with professional experts and experienced in securing information using cryptographic technology

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