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We are an IT and software developer company with professional and experienced experts in creating a wide range of IT security products. We are committed to provide excellent services and help you find the best solution for all your company's IT security needs.

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VPN Guard
VPN (Virtual Private Network) Guard is an encrypte
Chat Guard
Chat Guard is a secure chat application using data
Voice Guard
Voice Guard is a voice application that uses the i
SMS Guard
SMS Guard is an application service based on SMS (

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Jakarta - They who work in the field of intelligence could not be separated from the advanced tools ...
SERPONG – Anti-tapping technology is not always make in abroad. PT Indoguardika Cipta Creative...
TANGERANG – the tapping actions were committed by certain foreign elements against Indonesia, ...
TANGERANG – The official announcement of the first code machine company in this country was he...

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