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The Impact Of Tapping, Indonesia Suffered Loss Hundreds Of Trillions

TANGERANG – the tapping actions were committed by certain foreign elements against Indonesia, impact to the users.
Not only about the leakage of the secret information from the state, but also the great material losses if it is allowed to become fodder for the foreign parties.

As displayed by Pratama D Persadha, Chairman & Founder CISSReC. He said that if this tapping happens continuously, the impact is Indonesia will suffer material losses (money).
"We are in every year, the government said that illegal logging (loggers) and illegal fishing (fish thief), approximately we suffer lose Rp285 trillion per year or almost Rp300 trillion we lose out," he told to Okezone.
One of the factors, Pratama continued, they didn’t use the information security of communication among the law enforcement agencies.

"We captured the illegal fishing ship at the sea, their boat used HF radio, VHF, and UHF. That radio system is broadcast if the one of frequency was known to everyone, and he could set these frequencies so we are able to talk here, and everyone could hear," he explained.

Because of the leaking of such information, so when the law enforcement agencies want to pursue the perpetrators of illegal fishing, they could run away at first.

"When the law enforcement agencies communicate, the perpetrators of these crimes have heard and knew. Then, they could run away to the border, if it's happen, our law enforcement agencies could not do anything," he said.


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