The First Anti-tapping Technology Companies in Indonesia
The Reason, ICK Built An Anti-tapping Factory In Indonesia

TANGERANG – The official announcement of the first code machine company in this country was held on December 21st, 2015 in BSD, South Tangerang. PT Indoguardika Cipta Creative (ICK) revealed that the company wants to build the nation's sovereignty.
"We founded this company is to rebuild the sovereignty of Indonesia, one of key is self-reliance in technology related to the defense in this country," said Agung Setia Bakti as President&Director of ICK.

Agung said that this company was the effort of the nation’s creation that had and were able to make sophisticated tools without relying on the equipment from abroad.

"ICK was established since 2001, and we have determined a moment, this country is able to compete with foreign companies, even if from the First World War they had made advanced equipment," Agung said at the inauguration of code Machine Company at BSD, South Tangerang, on Thursday (12/21/2015).

In 2013, he continued, ICK has provided 12 anti-tapping products and it will continue to develop. This product will contribute to the security of Indonesia, for the government and military’s needs.

"We are ready to provide services by our own tools and sophisticated equipment is easy to use and can be repaired. Starting from Sms guard, voice guard, chat guard, HT guard, anti-tapping VAT Fairway, email guard, and phone safety book for anti-tapping, we did all of them of the nation’s creation. We have produced some hardware such as anti-tapping of HT/ HT guard (Handie Talkie), direction finder, and several other tools, "he explained.

Although it is third year of startup in the field of IT security as a pioneering company in the industry of IT security Indonesia on anti-tapping specialist. The tools were presented by ICK have used domestic production, even its software is 100 percent of the nation's creation.
"That's all the creation of the nation’s, because we could have a great determination again, that Indonesia has a greater coding technology. We exist as managed to attract the worldwide attention, both in software and hardware," he added.

For the future, ICK not only have the target in domestic and regional market of Asia, "But we have a target in the next few years, we will be an important player in the anti-tapping industry," said Agung.

For your information, the inauguration of Code Machine Factory in the country was attended by President Director of ICK, Agung Setia Bakti, the Head of State Code Institution, Djoko Setiadi, Irjend. Pol. Drs. Machfud Arifin, as Head of Information Technology Division Mabes POLRI, the Former Head of State Code Institution Nachrowi Ramli, Pratama D. Persadha, as Chairman CISSReC, Ignatius Warsito, as Director of Electronics Industry of the Ministry of Industry.


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